Tuesday, March 3, 2009


I've found some AMAZING cupcakes on-line lately!!

Here's just a few!
These must be really good--They need BODYGUARDS!!! from Vermin Inc.

Of Course- Martha Stewart made these "low-filled" cupcakes and topped it off with a generous helping of perfectly portioned icing rings!!
These from Parklife Cakery in the UK have EDIBLE GLITTER!!! I've always wanted to use that!
AMAZING fondant Easter cupcakes from rouvelee!! Gorgeous!

I have to say tho....whenever u make fondant covered cupcakes, you HAVE to make a bunch more with regular icing cuz nobody likes to eat the fondant...that I've encountered!
For those of you not familiar with the taste of fondant, it's like a sugary play dough!

....EXAMPLE---I made these fondant covered beauties for Easter 2 years ago....
...but nobody wanted to eat the fondant! Even I had to take the fondant off and heave on frosting so the cupcake wasn't topless!

So make sure you have a few like THESE on hand cuz the others are glorified SHOW PIECES unless you switch their topping before people eat them!

...and last, MARTHA-again! I am DYING to make the "chick nest" cupcakes at the top!! It's topped with toasted coconut and she used icing to make the baby chicks--but I'm sure I could use the Robin's egg candies they sell this time of year! Yay! I'll post them when I make them! I'm excited!


Anonymous said...

The chick nest ones are so adorable!!

Sweetnothin' said...

I'm loving the chick nest ones too.. what was your recipe for that easter fondant covered cupcakes.......