Saturday, February 21, 2009

TOP 2 Favorite BOOKS EVER!!!!!

NUMBER 1: The Talisman - Stephen King/Peter Straub
"...ya know, I dunno what it is about you, but you're just so irresistable! ...Can we just ...just hug?!"

Summary: This book charts the adventure of a young teen boy named Jack Sawyer. The adolescent hero sets out from Arcadia Beach, New Hampshire in a bid to save his mother, who is dying from cancer, by finding an enchanted crystal called "the Talisman."

The premise of the novel involves the existence of a parallel world to Earth, called "the Territories" (a strange fantasy world with ties (though these ties did not exist at the time of publication) to King's The Dark Tower). Individuals in the Territories have "twinners," or parallel individuals, in our world. Twinners' births, deaths, and (it is intimated) other major life events are usually paralleled. Twinners can also flip, but only share the body of their alternate universe's analogue.

Number 2: The Shining - Stephen King (that's a 1st Edition!)

...L is for the way you look at me....O is for the only one I see! V is very very extraordinary...E is even more than anyone that you adore!

Summary: Jack Torrance is a temperamental writer who is trying to rebuild his life after his alcoholism causes him to break the arm of his (then) three-year-old son, and after he later assaults a pupil at a Vermont prep school where he was a teacher, thus losing his job. Having given up drinking, he accepts a job as a winter caretaker at a large, isolated, Colorado resort hotel with a gory history. Hoping to prove that he has recovered from his alcoholism, and is now a responsible person, Jack moves into the Overlook Hotel with his wife, Wendy, and young son, Danny, who is clairvoyant and sensitive to supernatural forces.

The hotel is both a personality in its own right and a kind of psychic lens: it manipulates both the living and the dead for its own purposes; it also magnifies the psychic powers of any living people who reside there making them even more sensitive to its urgings. Danny, who has had premonitions of the hotel's danger to his family, begins seeing ghosts and frightening visions from the hotel's past, but puts up with them in the hope that they are not dangerous in the present. He does not tell his parents about his visions because he senses how important the job of caretaker is to his father and his family's future. However Danny realizes that his being in the hotel is making it more powerful and enabling it to make the things that normally cannot be dangerous become dangerous, like topiary animals that come to life.


Michael said...

I'll have to get The Tailsman. I've never read it.
So, Did you see my other comment? About your best friend?!

Pen Pen said...

:) Yes- I saw! She does have a great boyfriend named Kyle, but I'll tell her what u said-I'm sure she'll be flattered!!! :)

Amanda said...

I'm ashamed to admit I've yet to read either or those, but I'm all over The Bachman Books. And Nightmares and Dreamscapes. I'm a sucker for short fiction.

NoahO said...

Wow someone who actyally read the book and watched the movie....this is incredibly rare...yay us!!! Which did you perfer??

Pen Pen said...

...well--I liked the book better, but it was my "first" horror novel ever to read, so I may just have starry eyes for it. I was in like 4th grade and I had this paperback copy of it that had a huge eye with the hotel reflected in the eye on the cover-I've been looking for that cover forever, but haven't seen it since.
...I think the book was a little harder to follow than the movie, and they took SO much out for the movie, but I just LOVED Nickelson as Jack, so there's the good part there. I also think that it was one of the only movies that Kubrick didn't go into "tangents" with, and by that I mean like in "2001: SPace Odessey" when he plays an entire symphany piece while the ship goes across the screen. I get it was artistic, but it was too much and became a tangent in my opinion.
I felt like Kubrick took the story and made it his own and that's good too. Many directors are huge fans of the book when they do movies and will want to be "True to it"- but books move in totally different ways than movies, and directors seem unable to see this when they're engrossed in a book turned movie(I think this is what happend to 'THe Watchmen'-tho I did enjoy the moive:)
WHich did u prefer?!

NoahO said...

I perfer the movie to the book but probably because it was soo differnt to the book that i had no idea what to expect. Towards the last 30 minutes of the movie (where danny writes REDRUM on the door) i felt really dizzy and ill...and it was the first movie to actually do that to me. Also Nichlson was amazing (as usual) and it introduced me to Shelly Duvahl and personally i perfer the movie Wendy to the novel Wendy (novel Wendy was perfect and could have left Jack without conciquence...whereas movie Wendy looked weak and helpless and she was forced to stay with Jack)
But of course the book had alot more going on and the movie left out the moving hadge sculptures which i quite frankly loved. Also Danny was a lot more loveable in the book. The score to the movie was to die for...and Kubrik took the story and gave it a complete "Kubrikesque" make over. This film is a directional masterpiece...oh and the use of colours was genius. This film made me fall in love with Krubrick and was one of the movies that inspired me to become a film director. I only wish Stephen would like the movie!!!