Monday, February 16, 2009

'The Shining': Heeeere's Johnny!

'The Shining' - Trailer
The Best Trailer EVER!
Stanley Kubrick loved this trailer for his adaptation of Stephen King's masterpiece so much, he added it to the feature film.

WARNING! Images of violence, rivers of blood, axes going through doors, Jack Nicholson typing and looking crazy, super ugly "olive oil" looking wife, murdered twins, and a naked young-then deceased woman in the 3rd video!

Analysis of 'The Shining' Movie- symbolism Part 1

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Part 3


Anonymous said...

Rivers of blood r so hard to clean up after! :)

Miguel said...


Jane said...


NoahO said...

Oh come on...Wendy wasnt that ugly...she was interesting lol
My friend made up this cruel joke about her. "Her husband is trying to kill her and her son is a raving lunatic...why does she deserve this horrible burden?" Answer....her face!!
Oh i looked at the trailer for 2012 and The Shining and the thing they have in common is the music...booyah.

Pen Pen said...

wow, noah....not that ugly?!....U need to go back and review the movie again! I've never seen anyone who looks like that--have u?! ...u know I'm right! ...and women usually empathize with other women they can relate to---She's not "every woman" OR like the Playboy looking ones u see in lots of horror movie-She's weird looking and that makes me not empathize with her as she kind of annoyed me with her voice.

YAY!! U caught the music!! I played it for my good friend and she just stared at the screen and was like, "THat's not the same music!" YES it WAS!! AND-- That's GENIUS! Kubrik was artsy, but effective in focusing in on specific emotions in his work, so it would make sense that his music for 'the shining' trailer would cause watchers to feel anxiety--the people who made the 2012 trailer obviously recognized that too...and THAT makes me want to see their movie. THo- we may be the only people in the world who appreciate or even know that the music was from 'the shining' trailer. :)

NoahO said...

LOL...i thought she was nice lol. I think its because of her great kinda made me love her and took my attention away from her...looks. I still think she is kinda nice...but those teeth!!! And i loved her southern voice it made her more adorable when she was about to get her head blown off. Lol she reminded me of native americans for some reason.
Yea Kubrik really did have a golden ear. Infact the whole soundtrack to the shining is just insanly frightening. Especially when Wendy (lol) was running up the stairs with the knife and sees the bear costume guy. The music at that scene was intense. I was scared of this trailer when i first saw it. I didnt expect the blood river. Yea it is a shame that no one will even bother to pay attention to the score of the trailer...never mind recognise it.
P.S I was just wondering, did Krubrik plan to have that river of blood scene or was it made especially for the trailer?