Friday, February 20, 2009

Mardi Gras Party!

So I'm going to a Mardi Gras Party tomorrow...Not a dressy one, but I've picked out my dream outfit as if I WAS going to a more formal affair---Like one of the Krewes' Masked Balls!
PERFECT vintage dress--I don't remember the brand(not the necklace tho--I don't like that one!)
Jimmy Choo Gold Sandals!

Okay--This is a $12,000 RUSSIAN GOld Cuff Bracelet! Circa:1870!
I'm not positive if I would want to wear this amazing pearl necklace with attached broach....hmmmm...too much?!!
Here's a pic of Canal Street during one of the Krewe Parades!
Mardi Gras Indian!
Collage of great photos including some uplit St. Charles Street Homes!

AND PEOPLE---If you are going to get a King Cake to celebrate whether you're IN NOLA or getting one via mail, ONLY get yours from Haydel's Bakery!

AND--One of my favorite thing about New Orleans is the GORGEOUS Oak Trees-

(Hushed Whispers): "I always feel like I have to whisper around they know!"
"Seriously! Shush up people! You're waking the neighbors!"

"...even more awesome!"
Shush up!"
"Sh...Sh...Shut up..."
"Sh...Shut Up!"

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H-Town Ash said...

I love the necklace! Though that cuff would probably break me!

...and you're right about the trees!