Thursday, January 15, 2009

Obama - Making me think

I have a question for the masses(mostly for black Americans)

I want to know if black people in America today really believe what the video above says. I know that there will be extreme ideas one way and the other, but is HIS view extreme to you, or is it something real that you hold in your head and just don't say out loud.

Growing up, I heard racist things, but never subscribed to them myself. I see so many people in my generation falling in love with people of other races and maybe their parents have a problem, but they don't. It just feels like an old problem--not one that has totally left the society as a whole--and I'm sure both white and black people still deal with it daily, but I think it's begun to dissipate----------except when I hear people talk about Barack Obama.
It's like--many white people think that he's going to make all of these decisions to give black people a free ride in life, and some black people are saying that finally "we've" got someone in the white house, and that he's "theirs"
-Both of these ideas bother me. -- I think that whatever a president believes in, they will make the best choices they can for our country. White people shouldn't worry that he will favor black people any more than an all white president( Obama is half white)--and I KNOW that there cannot say that they believe all the white presidents have favored whites in legislation--Once you're in the president seat, you have adivisors and you do what is best for everybody. I think Barack will do a great job. No matter what people think--It is the policy and public speeches that I remember most about presidents. They've all made good and bad decisions, but I'm definetly looking forward to hearing Barack speak after W--really...being from Texas--he's so embarassing. I think Barack will give speeches that will be read forever--like Dr. King.
Addressing the idea of black people saying he's "their" president--I have heard that a number of times, and it makes me sad. I voted for him too, and it's like they don't want me to join in their club--I though that was what we all wanted--to be in the same club. --It reminds me of women who are feminist. I think that it's important to be sure you're treated equally, but many women blame everything on being "held down" by men, and they're so hostile to any guy. --All I have to say is that when you keep pushing the fact that you're different in other's faces--you will remain that way. The past can't be forgotten, but we can't let it strangle our present.
Do you agree with me?! We can't control each other, but we CAN control ourselves--Can you ignore the line between us and shuffle back and forth over it so many times that it is covered with dirt and not visible?!
I want real answers- not people who just want to be pc--or those who are crazy extreme.


ArtSparker said...

Thanks so much for coming by my blog, I just read this post and will read a couple more. I think your post is very candid and sincerely curious, that you don't have an agenda.

But I'm going to suggest you delete this comment, because the President-elect spells his name Barack Obama - you may want to fix that or just remove my comment if you think I'm meddling.

In any case, I'll bookmark your blog and come back.

Pen Pen said...

Thanks for the info--I am very careless with spelling-It's a fault! I wouldn't deleter ur comment-It's real life---I like that!

ArtSparker said...

Just watched the Wright footage, which I hadn't seen before. I think in a lot of ways I agree with him, although I'm not black. Specifically, a lot of the Bible's message (and I'm not Christian either) got kidnapped by the Republicans, who claimed virtue by believing very hard, for instance, in pro-life (or, as I like to call it, anti-choice). They got to own all Virtue/Religion, and they got to talk about how good they were and how good America was simply by owning a little piece of something that many Churches hold to be true - forget about loving your neighbor and things that require a bit more effort. Wright is using rhetoric as corrective.

It's only a step - anger motivates people but ultimately, as Obama says, people have to sit down at the same table and have a conversation if anything is going to be fixed.

ArtSparker said...

Well, clearly I'm on the side of the skeptics, but faith and skepticism are related as both being a demand for the truth - some forms of which change.

Trying to know more than what you're handed does keep things interesting