Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Are you there, God?

Glowing cotton candy to be at the 'Katy Perry' tour venues?!

If you're new to this blog, know that I'm a little be over the line of what is healthy in my admiration for Katy Perry.
See this post.
and this post.
She'll be in my home town of Houston for her 'California Dreams Tour' on July 29th. The tickets I want are like...$600 a piece. You get to meet Katy and a bunch of other things. But-I have no money, so I'll get stuck with the nose bleed seats-that are around $100.00 a piece-if I can get the money to buy tickets in time at all.I'm very nervous. It's strange, but I will be heartbroken if I can't go or don't have the cash before it sells out. I'm not sure why I feel so strongly about her as an artist. She's a pop tart who bounces around stage and sings the musical equivalent of a roll of SweetTarts.
But, I love her fun music, her style, her slightly opressed Christian background, her silliness, her love of cats, her crazy clothing choices, and her hilarious personality, her love of candy/fruits/cute things like Hello Kitty/things that light up, bold colors, explosive personality, and her refusal to give up on her dream.
She's an electric gum drop.
My mom has always loved John Denver, but had never seen him in concert until he came here years ago, and she missed the show. Soon after, he died in a plane crash with her never getting to be there and experience the magic.
She regrets it to this day.
I must see her perform before she dies or goes crazy on me like Britney Spears(I had tickets to her show here that were canceled when she first got together with K-Fed, and "broke" her ankle-having to cancel the rest of the tour. The real Britney is kind of gone now.
Please, God! I need a picture of me with my glowing cotton candy, crazy fan outfit, and goofy grin at her concert-Embarrassing the hell out of my boyfriend.


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

OH yes! You DO need to go! You'll always regret it if you don't.

Charlie said...

Yes child, I am here.

Pen Pen said...

GG- I'm so worried it will sell out quick like the Taylor Swift tour. I'm trying to find ways to make more money so I can get tickets quickly.
Pray for me! :)
Charlie- OMG. I have no words! :)