Wednesday, November 3, 2010

If you don't warn your kids about cupcakes, who will?

I've had a couple of crazy comments on the video tutorial I made showing red velvet cupcakes.

snoopypumpkin1 @information213 Seriously?! What an offensive assumption!...this was an order for my bakery. You assuming that something made by someone represents their beliefs is not an action you should take without speaking to the person first. I was raised Baptist, and accepted Christ when I was 12. You know that's a cupcake and NOT a real voodoo doll...right? I got an order of Mafia themed cupcakes today-I'll be sure to put a disclaimer on them that states, "I'm not in the mob," just for you.

meagan5cat8 @information213 and@snoopypumpkin1 i dont believe in god but voodoo is no joke i think @information213 i trying to save you and if you hate me for not believeing in god then fine but you are heading down the wrong path and p.s. @information213 did not say you where in the mob but if you are this way then you may be in the mob.

hahahaha iyattyaabhaihy means if you are reading this you are a but head and i hate you.
p.s. if you send me a message i will block you

snoopypumpkin1I'm sure you will block me. People who can't think of substantial ways to defend themselves usually do resort to blocking others -whether it's on-line or in life.

What have we learned?Chicks underestimated just who they were dealing with! Who sits on youtube and jumps to conclusions like that?! For seriously!! Get a job...or a dictionary so you can use real words as opposed to toddler babble.

Let me know what ya'll think!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

the Internets is full of whack-jobs. Yipes!

The Fancy Lady said...

wow people are crazy! who do i need to beat up?

Anonymous said...

Well...I´ve been following you for some months...never leaved a comment but this deserves it!!!!!
First of all, I think it´s hilarious...but, there are a lot of crazy people out there with a lot of free doing your great job at baking...who cares about a "vodoo" cupcake? hehehehe

Big hug from Colombia!!!!!

Pen Pen said...

For seriously! I had no idea cupcakes could be so controversial. :)
I love u!! She seems like one of those people who hates cats...and's disgusting! :)
OOh! My sister wanted me to tell u she loves the Halloween cupcake cookies u had pictured a couple posts ago! PURRfect!
Hugs back from Texas! Thanks for taking my back! U have a blog? Let me know-I'd love to follow! :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Penny Lane.
The anonymous girl´s name is Juliana...and no,sadly I dont have a blog.
Just found yours searching for cupcakes recipes.
I am a Biologist, but I love to bake, just for fun...and also love cats a lot.
Anyway... another big hug...and dont waste your time with her...still think is funny how a cupcake touched a nerve.