Tuesday, August 24, 2010

"No we mustn't dwell...no not today...we can't...not on Rex Manning day!" -Empire Records

"The first record I ever bought was 'Ace of Base'. I snuck the tape into my mondo religious household, and listened to it till the rewind button broke . My mother turned me over to the county when I was 12- not for being a base head- but for being a bad seed. Anyways, 13 years went by, then Katy Perry showed up. I threw away the 'Ace of Base', and I became the well adjusted person I am today."

I got my new Katy Perry 'Teenage Dream' album today!! The packaging even smells like cotton candy!!! There is a Santa Claus!


Kelly H-Y said...

No way ... it really smells like cotton candy?! It's a great song.

The Fancy Lady said...

my first cds were no doubt and bush lol ironic huh how have you been dear? i haven't been on here in so long when ru coming to visit me come party with me for my birthday next month!

The Fancy Lady said...

ps empire records is my fav!

Pen Pen said...

For seriously!! Limited edition-go get one! :)
...I put mine in 3 ziplocs...I don't want it to go away. :)
Amanda- I'm good! working lots at insane hours-My sleep is really screwed up!
I'm excited ur going to culinary school! The pastry arts one?
u moving?

and--ur work space leaving is SOOO crappy! Come down here and work with me! I'm hopefully meeting with a chick near me who has a space she uses, and I want in. I have orders for macarons a lot-be my collaborator!!

Cowbiscuits said...

yay i love that it smells like cotton candy!!

Jessica Nelson said...

Oh my gosh, your mom didn't really give you to the county, did she??? :-(

Glad you got something fun and new!