Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Must find sheep!

...as in-one's to count!
...Shall I apologize?...Yep- I shall!
I'm sorry that my posts have been...erratic.
I now have two jobs-each in a 24 hour facility-and the ever shifting schedules have my sleep patterns going postal! I hope it won't be so intense in the near future, but I FREAKIN MISS AND LOVE ya'll! I'm going to do my best to do a post every day. I LOVE blogging, so I refuse to divorce it. :) WHY can't I quit you??!!
OH! And get ready for my video tutorial on French Macarons! They are probably the most difficult cookies to master, but they will cause you to say "AWW!! So cute and fun!" SO much, you'll give in and search for them in your town or make them yourself!


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Such pictures! Yum!

The Fancy Lady said...

hey doll i found a tutorial on how to build a macaron tower i need to send that to you and yes id still like to do those posts with you email and let me know how you wanna do it