Monday, May 17, 2010

Jasmine in a Box

Jasmine loves to stand on objects. If there's a piece of paper on the floor, she'll go over to it and sit on it with her tail and feet FULLY on. The room is totally empty-she could sit anywhere-but NOPE! on the paper!
She also likes to be IN things-like the box above. You can even pick the box up and walk around with her and she'll still be snoozing-blissful in the box.
You should have been here to see that little nugget squeeze herself into the shoebox. One day she'll walk into Santa's bag and wake up in the North Pole.
Anybody else have a pet that lives in crazy town?


Jessica Nelson said...

My cat loves squeezing into little things. I'll find her in old boxes or my husband's cooler. :-)

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Our cat has NO interest being confined--it must be a personality thing!