Friday, April 16, 2010

VooDoo. -Who Do? -WE Do! -You Do? -No, VooDoo!

Get ready for my VooDoo Cupcakes coming this afternoon!
Above is my inspiration board for the soon to be baked and gussied up Black Magic Beauties!


Jessica Nelson said...

So do you think you'll make money doing all this? I always love looking at your treats!

Pen Pen said...

Hey Jess!

Thank you!! :) I think of ur kiddos sometimes when I do certain designs-I'll have to do a "tribute cupcake" for each of them! :) I'd bring the cupcakes to them if i was closer to u. :(
Seriously tho- I'm interested in doing a "tribute batch" where I personalize one cupcake each to match the personalities/fav colors/hobbies/flavors of certain people-I'd love to include them and send u the pics!
Just ask them what hobby/color/flavor suits them, and let me know their personality qualities.
I can name the individual cupcake that's theirs after them if ur comfortable with their first names being out on the internet. Just let me know! :)

To ur question:
I'm not really looking to make much money. I HAVE been getting increasing amounts of requests from friends/family/co-workers to do batches for them.

I felt sad that I couldn't do it for a couple friends because I already had a batch to do at the same time they requested, and I have to work and do school stuff at the same time.
My "prices" pretty much only cover the ingredients I need to make them.
I've been doing cupcakes for a while, and it's a hobby-It can get expensive tho, so doing batches for other people allows me to try new things, and bake as much as I want without going broke. :)
I can't "technically" sell to just anyone since I don't have a kitchen that's apart from my house(business regulations), but it's legal for me to sell to friends/family. When my work hours are not so crazy, and school simmers down-I'd like to do much more and expand my hobby, try new techniques like sugar art, chocolate, pastry and get a tiny bit of extra cash. :)

...I dunno if I actually answered ur question in my long speech just hope to make a little cash from it one day, but right now the money I make from it just enables my baking addiction to continue. :)

lotusgirl said...

I think as long as you continue with your passion and let the momentum carry you, you will do well with it. Good luck.

Flourchild said...

You have some skills girl!! Very nice blog and I enjoyed reading your comment on my post. Believe me if your were my neighbor I would bring you treats weekly! Im glad you left a message for me, cus now I found your blog!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Oh the cleverness of you!