Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've loved Rodarte fashions for a while now, but my state of broke-ness stops me from indulging.
Until now...
The shoes light up!!!!!
The almighty God gives you- Things that GLOW!
I love it! It's like those light up tennis shoes kids used to rock!
It's so 80s fab! All that's missing is some Razzles!
Really tho-I can't afford to get them now, day you won't be able to stop me o mighty smiter!!

Are you guys coveting anything lately?


Jessica said...

I'm seriously coveting time and quiet. Heh.
Cool shoes. They're still in, at least for little kids.

Brigitte said...

*mouth froth*

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

My kids STILL rock the shoes that light up! Sandals too!
I, on the other hand, coven almost everything in the Boden catalog which has NO business showing up in my mailbox.

Chantal said...

I WANT ONE!!! Or ten, that would be fine, too.