Wednesday, February 17, 2010

This is a very exciting day for me...

The gorgeous and musically radiant, Debbie Schubert met with her new(and as fabulous as I imagine New York agents to be!Bernadette Baker-Baughman of Baker's Mark Literary Agency!
Is it the bagels that make New York Agents look so professional? ...I think yes. -CORRECTION!!-Bernadette is in Portland-not New York! OOPS! ...her fabness could still be caused by bagels tho! never underestimate a bagel!)
Anywho-She answered a complicated and INCREDIBLY important question I had regarding the publishing industry and how it relates to writers who DESERVE book parties!
Check this! I'm the first question answered! WINNER! :)

Penny Goals in Order of Priority:
1) Become famous to ensure book party
2) Find out Jimmy Kimmel's home address(Note to self: Pretend to be on HIS side instead of Sarah Silverman's!)
3) Order Cupcake tower
4) Send Queries


Brigitte said...

You can send me Jimmy Kimmel's address when you get it, yeah?
All I know is his studio's in Los Angeles. So there's a good head start!


lotusgirl said...

What a great video. Such great questions answered and right when I'm getting all my query ducks in a row. Thanks, Penny.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Good question--great advice! I like how they lay out exactly what you need to do (hahaha).

Jessica said...

Ahhhh! They know you! I know you and they know you... does that mean they might know me???
LOL! Just kidding. :-)
Awesome video.

I hope you get a paid-for party when you get pubbbed.

DebraLSchubert said...

Fabu post, Penny. One thing - Bernadette is actually located in Portland, OR. We met up in NYC because she visits often for business. And, I wasn't kidding when I say she's a thousand times more awesome in real life. Can't wait until you have your amazing awesome experience. ;-)