Tuesday, February 9, 2010


My Valentine's Day Cupcake Tutorial is uploading to YouTube as I type! Usually takes btwn 5-12 hours for that to go thru and be approved-I'll post it on my blog here as soon as it's up! :)
Chocolate Cupcakes with Vanilla Frosting! Can't wait to have you see the tutorial! :)
Oh! and I have a random question. I've been wondering about this-maybe I could Google it, but I wanna know what YOU think.
"WHERE do hamsters come from?"
Please tell me what you thought before AND after googling this!
Obviously they're not from Texas...or at least I've never seen one or almost hit one on the road. I wonder about Jasmine too...She's half Siamese-When did her ancestors immigrate? Were they farmers? Beet farmers? Since I got her at the SPCA does that mean the rest of her family could still be out there?! Is there a family inheritance waiting somewhere for her?
I know-I'm getting all deep and philosophical on you! Sorry:)


DebraLSchubert said...

Those cupcakes are as gorgeous as a sunset over the ocean. You are an artiste. Can't wait for the tutorial!

Pen Pen said...

Thanks Debs! I'm excited! I hope Youtube won't give me a hard time and make me change the music I used-like small clips of Danka Shoen, Katy Perry, Al Green, Cake, and Jay-Z! I don't want to have to re-upload with their LAME music clips!! But- They let lots of people use songs if they put a "non infringement" blurb-which I did, so cross ur fingers for that! My tutorial without 'Tangerine Speedo' would suck! :)

lightning in a bottle said...

can't wait for your youtube tutorial!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Questions I've never before considered! Deep thoughts, Penny.