Friday, February 12, 2010

The First Rule of Cupcakes is: You ALWAYS talk about Cupcakes!

Here are my finished Brownie Cupcakes with Sugar Crunch Frosting and a chocolate heart topper for a work party!
This one is Francois. He's European, so he can wear pink!
I put them on a white covered rectangular tray because I felt the color saturation changes were very modern looking, so I wanted to continue the minimalism of that.
I didn't have them perfectly lined up for this photo, but it was rushed...they kind of look like a little cupcake army. "Once again into the breech, soldiers!"
Two of the red ones got wounded..."Man down!!"
Here is the right side. I used 8 shades of white-up thru pink and into red.
I think the hot pinks were my favorite, but the red was pretty eye catching.
You can get the recipe for the brownies on THIS post.
I DID record how I made the Sugar Crunch Frosting, and my decorating-I'll get that edited and up hopefully tonight, so check back for that. It will have the Sugar Crunch Frosting Recipe there.
Check out my last cupcake video tutorial HERE if you haven't seen it.
I just wanted to let you all know how much I appreciate reading your blogs, and having you come by to read my posts. I'm not anyone super special- just a Texas cupcake who loves to write, but you brighten my day and I really enjoy sharing my baking and random thoughts with you and YOUR thoughts!
Much Love, my international Sweets!
XOXO Penny


Stacy said...

Those are sooo pretty! I like the hot pink ones too. Keep baking pretty things - I love it! My favorite kind of post!

Mariah Irvin said...

Perfection! I really love these, Penny. Nice job.

The Fancy Lady said...

these look amazing darling!!! happy early valentines day!

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh!!! I could eat those up. You wouldn't believe how my boys crowd around me to see your cupcakes pics. LOL

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

cupcakes all in a row--that's how I like to EAT my cupcakes too!