Sunday, December 20, 2009

RIP Brittany Murphy

Brittany Murphy died early this morning after she went into full cardiac arrest and could not be revived.
She was 32.
A 911 call was made at 8:00 AM from a home in Los Angeles that is listed as belonging to her husband, Simon Monjack, the Los Angeles City Fire Department.
We're told Murphy was taken to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center where she was pronounced dead on arrival. Her time of death was listed as 10:04 AM.
Murphy starred in such films as. "Uptown Girls", "Clueless," "8 Mile," "Girl, Interrupted", and "Don't Say a Word."
UPDATE 3:11 PM ET -- Brittany Murphy's mom discovered her unconscious in the shower. We're told when paramedics arrived, they quickly determined Murphy was in full cardiac arrest and immediately administered CPR. They continued CPR in route to Cedars-Sinai Medical Center -- several miles away -- and Murphy was unresponsive. She was pronounced dead at the hospital.
We're told the LA County Coroner's is picking up Murphy's body from Cedars later today and will launch a death investigation.
Brittany Murphy is one of my favorite actresses, and I cry every time I watch the end of 'Uptown Girls' when her character watches Dakota Fanning dance to the song that Brittany's character's(Molly) father-a rock star who died in a car crash when she was young wrote about her-'Molly Smiles.' Here's a video of it.

She was also in "Girl, Interrupted' and gave an incredible performance as a sexually abused and mentally disturbed young woman in a sanatorium.

I'm so sad! She was always so full of excitement and fun. If there was ever an actress to play me in a movie, I would have wanted it to be her. She was and will continue to be one of my most loved actresses. Take care of her for us, Angels! :(


Dutch donut girl said...

Oh what sad sad news. I didn't know she had died. Jeez, she was only 32 years old. God, this makes me sad.

Jessica said...

It's very sad. :-( I can't believe she's just crazy.

DebraLSchubert said...

Amazing clips. What a tragic loss. I've always loved her - she was so cute and brilliant and special. Damn.

Mariah Irvin said...

This is so sad! I watched Happy Feet last night before she passed away and thought about how much I loved her.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That is a shame--so young.

Emily J. Griffin said...

I am a big fan as well. This is quote sad. I really love the film, Love and Other Disasters.

Danyelle said...

*hugs* *sympathy cookies*

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