Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Stephen King: Can Creative Writing Be Taught?

...hmmmmmm...Do you agree?
P.S.- I'm running behind on reading ur fabulous blogs-I'll be heading over tonight to read the posts I've missed! Can't wait! :)


Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

He raises a good point, but I really thing technique can be taught. Now, not everyone can execute what they're taught, that is where the talent portion comes in.

Awesome Sara said...

penny love, i completely agree with pizza face there. its like being a painter u got it or u dont. lol, this is why i am not a painter or writer... but i do have an awesome gag reflex and i date painters and writers!

lotusgirl said...

I think some creative writing can be taught, but most of it comes through reading. We learn best how to write when we read.

Jessica said...

The whole mate thing cracked me up! Ridiculous.
I do think he's right though. Creative writing can't really be taught, not like math can. I think writing can be explored, shown, broken down and the elements examined, but like he said, a person has to read and write to really get it.
I also loved what he said about writing being self-conscious and mannered, and how that's a bad thing. I really agree with that, though I'm sure mine is that way. But someday, maybe it won't be. :-)