Wednesday, November 4, 2009

I love my BFF!

Seriously-I'm lucky in that area and I don't take it for granted. My BFF Kaylynn is THE TOPS!
This video depicts the two of us!

She gives jobs, relationships, and family ALL that she has inside. She's feeling pretty low today, and I hate to see that.
She deserves only the finest Swiss chocolate.
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lightning in a bottle said...

there's nothing like best friends! you and kaylynn are two peas in a pod!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said... two are SO cute;) Aren't BFF's the BEST?

lotusgirl said...

*sends Lindor truffles to Kaylynn lickety split!*

Danyelle said...

Best friends are the best! I love the idea of celebrating them. :D

*grin* Very nice comic.

Brigitte said...

should i do nano? even though i have 203945839853094 essays to write? =D