Tuesday, October 6, 2009

The UN-Un Birthday Month!

Guess WHAT! It's OCTOBER! MY BIRHTDAY MONTH(and YES-I think it's more than acceptable to celebrate ALL month as opposed to one day :)!
It's also the Birthday month of my SIS, Emmy-my BESTIE, Kaylynn-my other FABULOUS wonder friend, Cora-and Katy Perry!
Kaylynn and Emmy are both the 15th, mine is the 17th, Cora's is the 19th, and Katy is the 25th!
Pretty much the best month EVER!!
I will now take you through my DREAM Birthday-including outfits and gifts! YAY!!!
Consider this your personal invite!!
Jasmine is just hiding her excitement-Don't be fooled by her condescending and rude glance OR her falling asleep as I talk-she's holding it in! :)
THIS is my outfit! I have NO idea what label it is, but it's gonna be TOP! :)
With these Jimmy Choos!
I'll have Halloween nails no matter HOW much they clash with my outfit! :)and some La Roche shades despite the party being at night.There will be a carnival-
and-HUGE pumpkins everywhere!(I LOVE pumpkins! ...and the color orange)
Cupcake Cars,
GLOW IN THE DARK necklaces for everybody!!
Sprinkle Donuts,
Pumpkin Candy,
a Pink Chocolate Fountain,Cupcake Pops,
a Cotton Candy machine,
Haribo Frog Gummi Candy(THIS is my FAVORITE candy! If u haven't tried them-Go try! They don't taste like frog-more of a passion fruit flavor:),
a Candy Bar,
Jones Orange Soda,and a cake from Sucre, New Orleans that includes a macaroon tree on top,Now for the important part! PRESENTS!! :) I want...
A cupcake charm bracelet,
'Lolita' on DVD,
an umbrella from Dylan's Candy Bar,
and EVERY season of 'The Office'!
Who else is excited for the Jim and Pam WEDDING on Thursday?! The thought of it fills me with bubbles!


lightning in a bottle said...

you are such a girly girl! i love it.

i've got the 17th marked on my calendar with big red jiffy marker!

Jessica said...

LOL I think you might be filled with bubbles, no matter what!
Great party!!! :-)

Mariah Irvin said...

Happy almost birthday!

Love the photos, as always.

Stacy Nyikos said...

I celebrated my 20th birthday for at least three weeks, literally. Party every day. Of course, I was living in Innsbruck, Austria and somehow the whole European flair aspect made the celebrating oh so doable. You go girl!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Did NOT know about the wedding Thursday--will HAVE to tune in. Your party ROCKS. I'll bring the umbrella;)

The Fancy Lady said...

i'm crashing your party this sounds like the coolest party ever lol
hey email me your address i wanna send you a card and a special treat if thats okay with you and check out my most recent post i want your opinion of my new logo which one i should choose!

Gabbi said...

Happy Pre-Birthday wishes Penny! It sounds and looks fantastic... especially especially the candy! Also, the La Roche shades... they're gorgeous, I want! My Birthday is in November. Are you a SCORPIO too??? That would explain so much... but LIBRAS are amazing also, so that's neat too :) Ok, I'd better go now. I feel giddy thinking of birthday and Jim and Pam's wedding.

Pen Pen said...

Jumbo markers are the BEST way to leave notes! :)
Ditto! :)
THANK YOU!!!! SO excited!
Country: Austria
City: Partyville :)
I can't WAIT for the wedding!! YAY!
And-Isn't that umbrealla fabulous?!
I'm on it!!! ANd- A SURPRISE?! FOR ME?! :)
Gabbi- I'm a Libra, but ALL of my friends are Libras, Scorpio or Sagittarius, so THAT means we match up! :)

lotusgirl said...

Yippee! Yay! Yay! for your very happy un-unbirthday. There was a time I wished that my birthday were in Oct. so I could have Opal as my birthstone. So pretty! it's all sparkly.

Pen Pen said...

I TOTALLY understand! I've LOVED opals forever...if there's ANY stone that could have magical powers it's the opal!! :)
I actually didn't know till recently that opal was my birthstone. I always thought it was the pink stone, but apparently that's the "cheaper" one for October, and Opal is the For REALS one.