Monday, September 28, 2009

"One of the advantages of being disorderly is that one is constantly making exciting discoveries!"-A.A. Milne

Guess WHAT!!!
Amanda of 'Cupcakes and Corsets' tagged me to show the contents of my purse!
This is what's in my Transversion-Loop NYC Beach Tote Bag that I got at a resale shop in New Orleans pictured at the top left-and...HOLY gummi worms...I have A LOT of stuff!
Up there next to the purse at the top right is my writing notebook where I write ideas, my school folder with study papers, an 'In Touch' Weekly, and an 'Us Weekly'.
Stephen King- 'Apt Pupil' paperback, Keys(I collect key chains), 4 nail polish bottles(purple, pink, orange, glitter), Treseme Hairspray, Penny bracelet, Hello Kitty Mirror, Clean and Clear oil absorption sheets,powder brush, Face Powder, Benefit Georgia Peach blush, CD(Nirvana, Britney Spears), Renu contact solution, Hello Kitty Contact Case, Pink i-pod, under i-pod is my workout arm band for it-I use it when I jog outside.
Next to hairspray bottle= Garnier Fructis Shine Spray, Tylenol and Chromium Piccolinate Vitamin, Glasses Case, Heart Shaped Sun Glasses, Coach Wristlet
Next to makeup= Cherry Air Heads Candy wrapper, cupcake lip gloss, 2 hair bands, 5 chapsticks(TWO CHERRY CHAPSTICK!:), 5 gum packs(Pink Bubble, Green Apple, Winterfresh, Stride Cinnamon(my fav!), and 5 Gum Cinnamon, Coconut lip balm from Dylan's Candy Bar, 2 lipsticks(pink/red), Goldie lip plumper, red lip gloss, Cotton Candy lip shimmer, red lipstick, Pink Bon Bon lip shimmer, ONE pink leg warmer(?!), Hello Kitty Wallet, Aquafina water bottle
That's Jasmine at the top right!
AND...Here's my kittle trying to stow away!
She was kind of mouthing off today, and wouldn't hug me of her own free will...but that didn't stop me from forcing the love!
"Hug me, Jamsine! HUG ME!!!"
Anywho-The people who have to show me what's in their purse are:
Kaylynn!!!! at 'Princess Kaylynn'
Mariah of 'Constantly Risking Absurdity'
The Faboosh, 'Criminogenic'
Emily at 'A Heart on a Wire'
Cheryl at 'An Artist's Photographic Life'
Now, Go dump ur purses and click!


Mariah Irvin said...

Hmm... methinks I should go clean my purse.

Thanks Penny! I'll try to have this up by the end of the week!

Emily J. Griffin said...

I just cleaned my purse out, though I will share anyway!

Jenna said...

Haha, wow! Your's like an explosion of color! Love it. I don't have much in the way of interesting things in my own bag.

Neat tag. :)

The Fancy Lady said...

to answer your question the mints are breathe saver 3 hr mints in winter green i have an intense hatred for blue mints lol. The inside of your purse looks like mine used to lol you have everything its like what i used to call mine the barney bag and i like the plethora of gum choices you have as well . If i ever get stranded and stuck in a need mcguyver moment i hope im with you and that bag

Princess Kaylynn said...

Man, why didn't you tag me??? Not sure if I can be friends with you now :( Wait- just kidding!! I love you!! Miss you!!

Elizabeth Marie said...

Your purse is EXACTLY how I thought it would be. Freaking fun and colorful and jam packed with AMAZINGNESS. LIKE YOU.

Jessica said...

Oh my gosh! Your purse is so exciting and fun! LOL Mine is really boring, esp. now when I see what fun people carry in theirs! LOL

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Hands down, you have the most interesting purse contents I've ever seen! ONE legwarmer???

Crimogenic said...

Awww, thanks. I don't carry a purse though. I probably should because I stuffed so many items in a little free bag I got from purchasing something else (can't remember what tho). Its a bag small enough to comfortably carry in one hand.

Gabbi said...

Penny, I love all the Hello Kitty and the pink!