Friday, September 18, 2009

"...but you're killing people!" "No! I'm killing boys!"

Hold onto your cupcakes, peeps-cuz I'm 35% sure this MAY be shocking to you!
I was watching Peter Travers(movie critic for Rolling Stone) talk about this weekends movies-as I do each week, and the more I heard about 'Jennifer's Body'-the more I wanted to see it.
This is weird because I've seen the trailers and late night talk shows talking about Megan Fox and the lesbian kiss in it, and I just thought it was for sure gonna be a lame horror flick with a naked chick...whatever!
But-He said the script was great and you don't know exactly where the story is gonna go-AND Diablo Cody wrote it!!! YES! She wrote 'Juno'-one of my fav movies EVER!
Micheal Cera-HOTNESS!
He also said the dialogue was snarky like 'Juno', but not like like Juno. AWESOME!
Now- I also DON'T like most horror movies! Many people think it's weird for me to write and read within some bounds of that genre, but dislike the movies-I think it may have something to do with me growing up sheltered and then seeing 'Ernest Scared Stupid' at 13 and being scared for...well...I still can't watch it. Don't laugh! It was almost as terrifying as 'Glitter'! at It's not the scary stuff that makes me not like those movies-It's that there is usually very little useful dialogue, and I don't want to see a slasher movie(aka- Sorority Row, Halloween, etc...). Give me 'Silence of the Lambs'-give me 'Saw' (1 only - the others sucked). THOSE movies had a point.

I hate senseless violence. ...well... except for violence against clowns... In fact, I hate anything in a book OR movie that was put there senselessly-violence, cussing, drugs. If a word or event needs to be there to make the story what it wants to be-I'm for it, but that's the only way I see it.
I think that writers and storytellers should-as long as they know what part of the world needs to hear the story they want to tell-say what the characters deserve to be saying. It's not always pretty-and you can't tie a ribbon around difficult tales, but it's our responsibility to tell them with respect and care- like in the movie 'Groundhog Day'-THAT's character development! :)
It seems this movie may just be a little more than I thought, and that intrigues me. I'll see if I can watch it and report back-I also tend to jump and scream audibly during scary movies, and my bf says he doesn't want to go to anymore of them cuz I scream and toss popcorn. :)
The movie is written by a woman(Diablo Cody-former stripper and homeless chic aficionado ),
directed by a woman( karen Kusama), and stars women(Megan Fox and Amanda Seyfried).
I don't mention that in a "woman power" tone(I don't like verbalizing "feminist" propaganda cuz I think it actually sets women BACK when we throw sexism in the faces of men. There are still problems with that in the world-on some level- I think us women pointing it out is what keeps it going cuz men become defensive on top of any real discrimination(like Trump vs. Rosie O'Donnell)-and that amplifies the problem in some cases.
I'm interested to see what could be done differently when women are in charge of what is usually a genre that caters to men. I know that when I read characters written by members of the opposite sex, they seem to...lack an insight whether it's men or women.
Back to the movie-It's about a girl who is possessed, and she kills guys-her bff is trying to stop her.
THIS was my SHOCK of the day!!! :)
Ya''ll gonna see it?! Opinions?


Dutch donut girl said...

To tell you the truth, I have never heard of 'Jennifer's Body' :)
I'm not a Megan or horror movie fan so I think I will pass. But I would like to know if you liked it or not. Maybe, that will change my opinion about Megan or horror movies.

Have a nice weekend!

Gabi Costa said...

should be a great movie but I hate horror movies, I tried to watch some but
then do not sleep at night.
bad :( Juno is one of my favorites too

kisses ;)

lightning in a bottle said...

well, now that i know more about the movie, my interest is definitely piqued! (even though i'm not a huge fan of megan fox)

Spardha Malik said...

wow u mentioned ground hog day??? really??? i mean u've got to be the only other person (besides me) who's seen that movie!!!!!