Friday, August 28, 2009

You Can NEVER...

Be too skinny,
Be too rich,
Go overboard on the Katy!
What's that?
I said NEVER! ...What?!
*listens again*
You're a cottonheaded Ninnymuggins!!!


Jessica said...

Oh yes, a person can be too skinny! Yep.

You're a hoot!

Anonymous said...

Hi Sweetie,

Uhm... is Katy wearing granny panties?! Great Song!

Big hug M

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

True. Sometimes you can never get your fill of certain things:)

Pen Pen said...

Mel- :) AHAHAHA! I watched it a couple of times to try and see what she's wearing! I think it's a t-shirt material jumper. ...but she DOES wear the high waisted bottoms that are very vintage bikini-ish a lot--so I wouldn't be surprised if this was in that vein :)

Planet Mondo said...

Great tune but the bloke in the t shirt and shorts is a bit annoying.

PS - She probably whacked the granny pants in advance of the stage dive, as a safety measure..

Gabbi said...

Seafoam green jumper and pink docs!! I'm officially officially a fan of Katy's style... before I thought she jocked my girl Zooey a bit too much :)

Music festivals are HELL... and yet fun??? Boggles the mind.

Thanks for the share dear Penny.