Monday, August 3, 2009

So Emo!

My amazing blog friend, Elizabeth- at It's Unbeweavable is having one CRAPPY am I...tho my problems are probably more Emo than serious.

Penny Problems:
1) I've had food poisoning ALL weekend--which-of course ruined it. I've slept only a little and become acquainted with the fact that I hate the bathroom mat.
2) At this very moment, Katy Perry is in Houston and I was throwing up at home while many others were singing along to 'Hot and Cold' in rompers and glitter eye shadow. She canceled the show here twice-once for American Idol and the second for sickness I think--but the point is that she gave away a SURPRISE to all the original ticket holders-I'm still waiting to hear what that was....If it was free pairs of her Heart Shaped Glasses, I'm gonna be even more depressed come morning.
WHY GOD?! WHY?!What Can Liz and I do to feel better you ask?!
Lets try this:
1) Watch Mick Jagger in the 'Start Me Up' video-stand up and copy some of his moves-I always start laughing.

Still not feeling good?!
2) Watch Will Ferrel in the greatest movie moment EVER!

STILL Feeling bad?!
3) You need a boat!


lightning in a bottle said...

awww penny...i hope you feel better! i had food poisoning from a hamburger once and it was absolutely flippin' grisly. i haven't eaten anything a&w for the past 14 years.


Charlie said...

Food poisoning? uugghhh! I'm sorry to hear. I hope you're feeling better soon.

Jessica said...

Oh, I'm SO sorry to hear about the poisoning. I was thinking, where's Pen Pen? Hadn't seen you on my google thingy in a while. :-( I hope you're feeling better.

Dutch donut girl said...

I'm sorry you are feeling sick. I hope you feel better soon!

Mariah Irvin said...

Feel better! I'm sure you'll see Katy Perry soon and get awesome gifts.

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

I hope you're all flushed out and feeling better now.

Elizabeth Marie said...

AHHH honeybunny! Why didn't you tell me you posted this I love it...wellllllll I do not love that you had food poisoning and that my weekend is the perfect script for a tragedy, BUT it's so cute...and I love you..and did you get my email????? It's ok if you did and haven't responded but I just want to make sure some stranger didn't get all that stuff LOL yikes :)

Love your face kinda too much for words...

Danyelle said...


Hope you get feeling better!