Friday, July 3, 2009

Celebrate the Independence of your country by blowing up a small part of it!

It's The Fourth of July!! here in America!
It's the day that the English kiddos that moved across the pond officially won their tantrum against mother England after being forced to pay taxes without a representative to let their opinions be known.
Now- I don't believe any of my ancestors were here at that point(except for my dad's grandmother's family since they were American Indians...who kinda got the short end of the stick with the whole deal with the smallpox thing...and then the trail of tears thing...and then the alcoholism epidemic thing........).
Anywho- I'm here now, and I do really love this place.
We have:
Fields of bluebonnets and Indian Paintbrushes in Texas!
Aspen, Colorado
New York

HollywoodBaseball--------and then there's the IMPORTANT things-like- Snoopy
-and Britney Spears(the good years of course!)
I give credit where credit is due, and the Americans who came before me really laid out a beautiful path for the likes of this little Penny. Here-I can be any religion-I can change ethnicity(MJ did it!)
You KNOW it's TRUE! (..please God don't strike me down for calling out the recently departed-*nervous eye shift*)

I also have no glass ceiling as a woman and I AM sitting on a computer typing right now-in many places that's not really an option...or priority usually goes to food and clothing... My predecessors-I'm indebted to them, and I'm so thankful for being born in one of the places on Earth that celebrates diversity and equality...or at least-that is the intention of all non-extremist Americans(ie-all of us who aren't KKK, Neo Nazis, Black Panthers, George Bush, Rush Limbaugh, members of the oneida community, charles manson, cultists, or conspiracy theorists).
Normal Americans - Like ME!
-and Jessica Simpson in her AMERICA swimsuit!
-and Steve Carell
-AND-- the fabuloso chikas from Sex and the City!
I bet ur wishing right now that there was an American you could thank. Oh HOW?! How can you ever express ur gratitude for the amazing stuff to come out of America?!
Well--Wish no more!


Gabbi said...

You're insane Penny :)

But I agree I agree...

Happy 4th of July!♥

Jessica said...

Happy 4th! I'm so glad I live here too. :-)

beth said...

Happy fourth to you, too! :)

Danyelle said...

Great pictures! *hearts America*

Ali said...

Great post!

Happy 4th!

lightning in a bottle said...

happy 4th of july! have a fantabulous weekend! perhaps we'll hear all about it ;)

Awesome Sara said...

penny oh sweet penny you are so insane and i adore that about you!!! happy 4th slut!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

This? Was a FABULOUS Fourth of July post. Thanks!