Friday, June 12, 2009

You're It!

In all her awesomeness, Elizabeth - at It's Unbeweaveable!- Tagged me to share some pretty fabulous info about...ME!
TAG: show me your heart...
Instructions: "with as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) a Disney princess. if you want to join in, tag 6 more blogs."

Song: 'Motorcycle Drive By' - Third Eye Blind(ur listening to it!) Jason put this song on a mix cd for me- I had never heard it despite being a Third Eye Blind fan for years. When it came through the speakers, I was in love, and called him immediately after it finished:
Penny: "Where did you get that song?!"

Jason: "It's Third Eye Blind. It was on one their cds."

Penny: "Jesus Christ!! You're a freakin genius!

I loved it from the FIRST guitar pick! It makes me want to feel the wind on my skin.

Also- My SECOND fav song is 'The Scientist' by Coldplay- 2nd on my playlist-I like the lines, "Tell me you love me. Come back and haunt me."- THAT'S commitment! :) ahahaha!

Picture:The first time I saw this moment in the movie, 'Almost Famous', I felt it was the sum of me- The character-Penny Lane-(one of the inspirations for my blog title)- Is young, experienced, in love, elated, embarassed, vulnerable, and joyous all at the same time. I've always felt loads of emotions at once in that way-
Her feelings show through her eyes, and I love that- when you're everything you want to be, but still your own vulnerable self in a single look :)

Female Author

All day she plays at chess with the bones of the world:
Favored (while suddenly the rains begin
Beyond the window) she lies on cushions curled
And nibbles an occasional bonbon of sin.

Prim, pink-breasted, feminine, she nurses
Chocolate fancies in rose-papered rooms
Where polished higboys whisper creaking curses
And hothouse roses shed immortal blooms.

The garnets on her fingers twinkle quick
And blood reflects across the manuscript;
She muses on the odor, sweet and sick,
Of festering gardenias in a crypt,

And lost in subtle metaphor, retreats
From gray child faces crying in the streets.
-Sylvia Plath
-Plath is my literary soul mate :) I read this particular poem at 14, and connected with the first line. I've never analyzed the poem, but I don't really want to- It means too much to me for me to see what anyone else thinks:) The first line made me feel like Plath felt the same way I did. I've always been acutely aware of my faults, and I think Plath was as well- It's cruel, but I cannot look into the mirror or even think of myself without seeing everything that I'm not-all that I don't live up to. That ability is both dangerous and beautiful.

Quote: “The most important things are the hardest things to say. They are the things you get ashamed of because words diminish your feelings - words shrink things that seem timeless when they are in your head to no more than living size when they are brought out.” - Stephen King
Stephen King-God of the Penny Universe. On a crisp fall day in 1993, 'The Shining' changed the course of my literary life :)

Item of Clothing: Dorothy's Ruby Slippers! They're shiny, mesmerizing AND a way to another place in the universe--
If I ever get the chance to steal these, I'm gonna take it! :)

Place: Paris

My mom's family is from France, and she has always wanted to visit there- Paris in particular. It's been painted in my head since I was young that Paris was a city made of magic- When I actually get there one day, I'll probably cry- For me, the city seems to breathe and sparkle :)
...and-of course- the FIRST thing I want to see -even before the La Tour Eiffel, is LADUREE!

Where I will eat one of each flavor of their macaroons,
AND- One of these pastries each day I'm in Paris!

Disney Princess: Sleeping Beauty!
Hands DOWN! She's my fav!! She's friends with a cute owl,

I've always felt that love is more powerful than a feeling, so I digg the "kiss that can wake u from a coma" thing :) AND- She has not one fairy godmother, but THREE!! Cuz she's the most important princess- obviously! :) I like when they make Aurora's birthday cake with magic!!

BEYOND AWESOME!! I also watched the 'American Ballet Theatre' Put on a production of "Sleeping Beauty" a few years ago on tv that was amazing-
I usually don't like shows like that on tv, but the grace was still conveyed. I LOVE ballet! Jason and I went to see 'The Nutcracker' the first Christmas we were a couple, and it's one of my favorite experiences EVER with him!! :)

BUT- My fav song from a princess "story" has to be "Ten Minutes Ago" from Rogers and Hammerstein's "Cinderella"--I could sing it word for word when I was 7!-along with all the other songs!

Fun Fact: Jasmine Macaroon,
my half tabby/half siamese cat is named after Princess Jasmine from Aladdin:)...Siam just kind of made me think of 'Aladdin'- tho it's not at all the same country as where Aladdin was- I think-in the original story- he was in China...The movie(I think)-just says Arabia....which I don't think ever included China...
...and now I tag!
-You must do what the tag says-
TAG: show me your heart...
Instructions: "with as much creativity as you can muster, show your heart in: a picture, a poem, a song (or piece of music), a phrase (or quote), an item of clothing, a place, and (just for fun) a Disney princess. if you want to join in, tag 6 more blogs."

I KNOW I put more than 6...I'm sorry! :)


Cheryl said...

I love your choices! Esepcially Paris and Laduree. next time I'm in Paris I'm heading straight there.

M said...

Look out for tomorrows post! ;)

Dutch donut girl said...

I will have the whole weekend to think about what I'm going to post. Your post is fabulous as always.

'kiss that can wake u from a coma" thing'

So true!
And I love that quote by Stephen King.

Thank you for tagging me ;-)

Jessica said...

Thanks for tagging me! I'm going to have to think about this... no way can I come up with all the cool stuff you did. LOL

I'm thinking I'm going to have to read some Plath now.

Danyelle said...

*hearts post*

It's fun, not only getting to know you better, but being able to see you shine through your commentary. :)

This shall be much funness--thanks for tagging me. :D

Lady Glamis said...

What an absolutely beautiful post!!! I LOVE it. This is such a great way to get to know you more. I love Plath too. She's heaven sent in words.

Reason Reanimator said...

Penny, if you haven't read Colette's work, you should. Go read it right now! lol I'm just kidding about right now. But, really, you somehow remind me of her so much--you even look like her when she was young.

Colette would write about experiencing joys, especially experiencing the joys of fruit, nature and her gardens, like in her letters about her life. And, of course, the joys (and sorrows) of experiencing men was a primary focus of hers.

I think Cheri and The Last of Cheri are her best works.

DebraLSchubert said...

Love your choices! 3EB is one of my MOST favorite bands - seen them twice and would see them a thousand more times. Stephen King = God. Ballet? My favorite. Paris? OMG - can't wait to visit. Great pics, Penny. You totally rock!;-)

drollgirl said...

ooooooooooooooooooh, you have such good answers here!!!

i did this tag a while back, so i don't think i'll do it again.

hope you have a great weekend! and girl, you stay up LATE!!!

M said...

Finished! Actually enjoyed doing this ;)

Sweetnothin' said...

your heart is simply all your choices

edentyler said...

I love posts like this. Lets us get a glimpse of who exactly we are spending our precious time reading.
Fabulous answers =)
You seem a joy!

Emily J. Griffin said...

"Motorcycle Drive By" is an all time fave for me too. Also, "God of Wine" is awesome off that album as well.

Elizabeth Marie said...

I KNEW you would be amazing at this tag! Love it...Plath, red slippers omg you are amazing, Motorcycle Driveby...

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

That was a great introduction to you, Penny. And I got the Almost Famous reference the first time you commented--one of the best movies evah.