Tuesday, June 30, 2009

You can't HANDLE the truth!!

I've been excited about 'Sprinkles Bakery' opening here in the Fall...but I just learned of an imposter!
'Crave Cupcakes' looks like a straight rip off!
They have "signature" sprinkle-esque toppers, Madagascar Vanilla Bean, a sleek-modern interior, display trays with round "sitter" holes, and tall icing that is has a sharp edges and flat finishes. It all looks like Sprinkles!!
I'm gonna go get one tomorrow and let u know what I think!


Awesome Sara said...

OMG please dont get fat!!!!!

Ali said...


Major poser.

Dutch donut girl said...

Oh my, I'm so jealous. Can you believe we don't have cupcakes in the Netherlands? If I want to eat one I have to bake them myself.

Lady Glamis said...

Okay, so now I'm DYING for a cupcake. Oh my goodness!!!!!!!!!!

drollgirl said...

WHAT?!?!?!? total poseur!!!! that is NOT RIGHT!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pen Pen said...

Sara- I slap fat people :)
Ali- YEP!!I was excited to hear of another gourmet cupcakery in Houston-I thought it would be a good balance with Sprinkles, but NO--it's the evil clone of them :( SAD!
There is one other cupcakery in Houston--but it's too far away-I've never been. I should make a trip there soon.
DG- ..............................................WHY would GOD let SUCH A THING HAPPEN?!!!!!!!!
Lady G- R u an icing addict like me?! :) It's a problem! :)
DrollGirl- I was SHOCKED! THis is the ultimate sin!!!!

Cheryl said...

Oh, oh my God! I wouldn't complain about impostor cupcakes, though. How lucky to have two cupcake places to close to you!