Sunday, June 28, 2009

...So I didn't win?!

Went bowling on Friday with Jason.
Had an awesome time.
I bowled a 73!!!!
...then I found out the best score is 300-
and that horrible is 50....

BUT- This cupcake is cute!! :)


Danyelle said...

I love your cupcakes! They are all that is right in the baking world. :D

Huh. Sounds kind of like golf. Why is it that I can always get a high score when it's a bad thing, and vice versa? >.<

Improbable Joe said...

Yeah... I remember the first time I bowled this year I bowled about a 58-ish? It was HUMILIATING!

Since then, I've bowled some games in the 150-range, and one over 180. You wanna know how? I have a fancy ball with a spider on it!

Elizabeth Marie said...

You guys are SO CUTE. I love bowling I just dont like the shoes. I know, what an obnoxious thing to say, right?

I hope you had fun! I want a cupcake!

Courtnie said...

i haven't bowled in 3 years! this reminds me how how fun it was even to fail lol. you and jason look as sweet as the cupcake!

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

Okay, the cupcake rocks but your bowling leaves a little tiny bit to be desired;) I heart bowling--Mr. D and I are in a couples league in wintertime and it is such retro fun.

Jessica said...

Who cares about scores? LOL YOu had fun and that's what matters.

I love bowling, btw, but have never, ever scored above 150.

Ali said...

Wow, that cupcake is amazing!

Dutch donut girl said...

I can't bowl to save my life ;)
Mmmmmmmm... that cupcake!