Monday, June 8, 2009

Dazed and Confused

I have a problem...
I really want to like Evan Rachel Wood...
I love Heart Shaped Glasses, and she wears them- very Lolita :),
I loved her in 'Thirteen',
I loved her in 'Running With Scissors',
I loved her in 'Across The Universe'(BEATLES!!! YAAAYYY! LOVE!!),
...BUT...She went through an identity crisis and well as dated the husband of- one of the most kewlest chicks ever- Madame Dita Von Teese...
............Why Evan?! Why?!
Now- I could understand her wanting to look like Dita-Who wouldn't?!
Penny calls Dita
Penny: "Hi, Dita! What you doin?!
Dita: "Being fabulous."
Penny: "Oh! What are your plans for tomorrow?"
Dita: "In the morning, I'll probably be fabulous.
Then, in the afternoon, I'll probably just be fabulous."
Penny: "Naturally."
Dita was married to Marilyn Manson, and Evan is the rumored home-wrecker.
AND - morphing into a guy's X is weird and wrong.
Marilyn Manson Tangent
...He's so gangly to me-in a bad way- I mean, u don't have to pump iron, but picking up a water bottle or ANYTHING every now and then can stop u from looking sick--
...for reals, Marilyn! For Reals!! :)

- and tho many people say he just does what he does for shock value- as a writer- I don't want to go anywhere near saying that I think he should be censored...It's not okay when people say that violence in movies or music is driving kids-or anyone else to be violent. I hear that A LOT- but can a song put a gun to your head and cock it too?!

(I hate Michael Moore- I wish he wasn't the one doing the interview with his whole 'ominous and dramatic repartee- He's so yawn worthy!)
*Don't click on these links unless ur ready to deal!)
I DO like a few of his songs- like 'Sweet Dreams' (Ur listening it it now!!), and Heart Shaped Glasses,(especially since Evan is in the video and wears my FAV glasses AND some crazy awesome red stockings!
-FYI- the video is controversial not only cuz it has what's looks to be an "intimate" scene with Rachel and Manson at the beginning, but also cuz it is about connecting vampirism to...alone time(read more about the inspiration HERE)....

BUT- I still like her as an actress, and stuff! It's a problem!
Should I hate her for being with Dita's husband and then trying to squeeze into a Dita suit?!
Or- Is it okay mad at her?!
I'm so torn!!


Midtown Girl said...

Shes a celebrity, so you're totally allowed to judge - LOL!

I agree with you, I really love Wood as an actress but she def took Dita's style. Guess she never really had one of her own...

p.s. I saw a pic of Dita, I think from h.s. or somewhere - she was originally a blonde...surprising!

Elizabeth Marie said...

First of all, I can't believe you have her on speed dial. That is AWESOME. I died.

Ok, not a fan of MM. Dita is one of my hero's so of course I'm not a fan of anyone breaking up her marriage but I mean...she was married to HIM.

ERW-yep, I did just the initials-was so fresh and authentic before HIM. And now she kinda bores me off screen. On screen though, total gem.

Thirteen is one of the best movies ever.

ONnnn another note, last night in my search for inspiration I found a ton of Plath quotes and they made me think of you. Awee. XO

lightning in a bottle said...

yes, i like across the universe, but i can't get onboard with the evan train. try as she might, ms. dita has more class and style in one perfectly manicured nail than evan could ever muster up in an entire ensemble. there's something indeed weird to morph into your current boyfriend's ex.

(although i did dig on the red lolita glasses and surprisingly liked heart shaped glasses. i myself am not fan of manson's music)

maybe i'd like evan more if she found her own style, look and persona.

Jessica said...

Wow, I didn't know about any of that drama. Huh.

Stacy Nyikos said...

I say, be torn. After all, suffering - any kind - makes for better writing.

Pen Pen said...

Midtown Girl- Blonde?! I need to see that pic!!! :)
Elizabeth- You don't have Dita's number?I'll have to pass it on and we can have a girls night! :) and I agree with you- I feel Even has lost her fire...her individuality.
- and long distance hugs for thinking of me when u saw Plath! I absolutely love her!
lightning- I think her roles in 'Across the Universe' and 'Thirteen' really are what's pushing me to like her--and the glasses :)
and ur right about Dita-there's no comparison!
Jessica- It's a specific kind of drama:) U have to of been intrigued by Dita or Manson's craziness to have known about it :) Ur probably not trolling PerezHilton like me at 2 am :)
Stacy- Tis true!! At the bottom of the pit is where they stash the ladder :)--my mom says that :)

Danyelle said...

Wow! o.O

*must be living under a rock, because I have no idea who most of these people are*

Green Girl in Wisconsin said...

You can still love her, but be disappointed in her choices. That's what I tell my kids;)
And I don't even GET that guy--WHAT would be REMOTELY attractive about him???

edentyler said...

I feel the exact same way you do.
It's been a trying time for years now ;P

on one hand, she can do what she likes, of course.
but on the other--is she being her true self now, or who she dreams of being?
has she really changed for herself?
maybe she has, and the benefit of the doubt should be given.
hard to know with celebrities, as we'll never really know them...

But, she could be a Kirsten Dunst type. She was controlled for so long and had to be sweet and cute, yadayadayada, and once she hit a certain point (and age), she became quite a different person. Her own person. Out from under her mother's thumb...

Interesting, indeed....