Thursday, May 7, 2009

My teacher is awesomer than YOUR teacher!!!

Mr. G is an high school drama teacher in Australia.
-and like Michelle Pfeiffer in 'Dangerous Minds',
He seeks to inspire the children.

To see more Mr. G, check out the show 'Summer Heights High'


Charlie said...

I don't know about that Pen. My teachers at the moment are all of you. Let me tell you, they are pretty awesome!

KLo said...

My students did "Teacher Appreciation Day Nomination Forms" in class today. They'll be coming back in tomorrow, so I guess that should be interesting ... : )

This was neat to see!

Windsong said...

*hearts awesome teachers*

Awesome Sara said...

he needs a raise

Sweetnothin' said...

lol@ "Awesone Sara". yes he needs a raise

drollgirl said...

i am so sad because my sound card is DEAD and i do not know what is happening. i know i am missing out. wah!!! will try from another computer later.