Tuesday, May 12, 2009

I don't know what that means, but I LOVE it!

Today I feel...
like I would have loved to see the Beatles in concert,
like there's nowhere safe to step,
like I miss the old Britney Spears,
like I'm strolling around Paris in the rain,
like I wish I had the gumption to wear a wedding dress as amazing as Christina Aguilera's,
like I wish I was here,
like I wish I could sleep as easily as BB does,
like I wish I could take out all the suckers,
like I should have Jasmine Macaroon's crazy comfortable life,
like I should own this Galliano,
...and this one,
like I should be at this bar/grill in New Orleans,
like this macaron tree was made for ME,
like I want a balcony overlooking the French Quarter,
like I want this chandelier
PISSED that I wasn't invited to the set of 'Marie Antoinette',
like I need this record player--AND this dress!!
absolutely enamored with Anthony Hopkins,
like this cute New Orleans bar is one of my fav buildings I've seen for a while,
like I want this retro-inspired bathing suit,
like the only thing that could make this day good is a Saint-honoré rose-framboise


Danyelle said...


Love being able to see your thoughts! :D

*virtual rose-framboise*

DebraLSchubert said...

Pen Pen, You get the prize for the most AMAZING pictures in any blog. EVER!!! (I think that should be a new Academy Award category next year.) Jasmine Macaroon is the bomb of kitties (but, don't tell my half-dozen I said that), Christine Aguilera's gown is stunning (and at a Jewish wedding yet - oy, vey!), and the bikini rocks. Nice work, my friend.

T. Anne said...

Love the pics, thanx for sharing ;)

Magic Pants Jones said...

You're pretty neat.

koralee said...

oh my ...you are so cute...i love it!!! Very creative post! Love that yummy treat from my favorite Paris bakery...i could eat a few of those right now....thanks for stopping by my blog!!!

drollgirl said...

you have a lot on your mind! and such good pictures to reflect what you are thinking.

i hope things get better for you soon. hang in there...