Monday, May 4, 2009

Birthday Cupcakes

Today is my mom's Birthday, and I made her some cupcakes :)
They are double chocolate cupcakes with piped chocolate icing - I used a #18 frosting tip.
I also made whoopie pies and small chocolate chip cookie sandwiches - inside was frozen whipped cream.
Some of them were topped with melted, white chocolate O's.

Whoopie Pie!!


M said...

Congratz with your Mum!
I am gonna sing a little song for her...

Happy Birtday to you
Happy Birthday to you
Happy Birthday dear Penny's Mum
Happy Birthday to you

*jazz hands*

Charlie said...

Happy Birthday to Mom!

My b-day is Nov 10th and I expect cupcakes. :)

DebraLSchubert said...

I want one NOW!!!! Tell your mom to have a very happy day.;-)

lotusgirl said...

Those look delicious! Happy B'day Penny's mom!

Sweetnothin' said...

been waiting for these for so long.... pass the recipes pls

KLo said...

Mmmmmmmmmmmm!!!!!!!! Chocolate ... ! : )

Windsong said...

Those are beautiful!

sexypoet said...

delicious cupcakes.. wanna come bring me one? i will make you some awesome italian food for trade. =)

is that james taylor fire and rain? different version then i am used to hearing. more acustic. i likey!

Pen Pen said...

sexypoet-- The doesn't have the James Taylor version! I dunno why, and I'm pretty bothered about that..but John Denver is my mom's fav singer from when she was flower child--so I thought on her b-day, a John D. acoustic version was good to go with...but I LOVE the James Taylor, and I can't believe they don't have that version on there--I should complain or something :)

Magic Pants Jones said...

Those are purty.

Annnd...James Taylor just played here last Friday. I didn't see him, I think it was sold out.

drollgirl said...

goddammit!!! today is day 1 of my latest diet! and i have to look at these divine cupcakes and i cannot have them?!?!?! pure torture. oh, but they look delicious! bet yer mom was over the moon for them!

Pen Pen said...

Sweetnothin'-- I got the recipe for the cupcakes at:
--I added some dark chocolate to the icing recipe to make it darker and not quite so sweet--just substituted dark choc for half the unsweetened stuff.
Toppers: For the whoopie pies, I just spooned quarter sized bits of cupcake batter on a cookie sheet-be sure they're 2 inches apart and that the cookie sheet is LIGHTLY greased- and baked for 8 minutes.
Mine came out not as "puffy" as the ones I've seen--they came out flat and I dunno why...
The o's are white chocolate I melted and put in an icing squeeze bottle and piped onto WAX paper(very important!--the white chocolate melts quickly too, so u gotta put it in freezer until serving is close.
The small cookie sandwiches are filled with either whipped cream or chocolate frosting.
:) I hope I helped!! :)

clorivak said... owe me a new keyboard, it broke due to the drool. Those look so yummylicious!!

Dutch donut girl said...

Mmmmm... that cupcake looks delicious.