Friday, April 10, 2009

Is it wrong to want to eat a shoe?! .....cuz I don't think so.

I wore my red Stuart Weitzman peep toe pumps today to lunch at 'Potbelly Sandwiches'(delish and Retro FAB!) and to get a snow cone.

They're my favorite shoes cuz they remind me of....

Candy apples,
'Candy Apple' colored electric guitars,
Cinnamon gum(which in turn, reminds me of Christmas),
Red Velvet Cake Cupcakes,
Decadent Vesailles,
Isaphan a la Pierre Herme,
Cherry Red Vintage Cars,
The 'Wild Cherry Album' my mom has - play that funky music, white boy!!,
Gwen Stefani's Lips,

and last........

Dorthy's ruby slippers.

"Oh- wait a sec. My shoe is ringing."
"Who is this?"
"For Reals?! Jimmy?"
"Wait. Is this Jimmy Choo or Jimi Hendrix?!"
"Oh. I thought you sounded black...What? You don't like that word? What should I use then? ....Toasted? Okay- You sounded toasted...and baked :) *giggle*
"Oh sorry. I'm just - Why are you calling me through my shoe?"
"...........................Oh. ...I had no idea George Bush's dead relatives were gaining control of the after life AND the Earth by bribing people with Paula Dean dvds........That explains SO much!"
.....He wants to talk to YOU!
:)'s the buggin shirt I'm wearing-got it in New Orleans :)
AND - Happy Good Friday everyone...tho I'm not sure if Jesus(say it without a spanish accent-he didn't make Tortillas....that I know of) would call it good since it's a "celebration" of the supposed day he was tortured and killed--slowly. It's always bothered me that we use the cross as a symbol. I mean, I get it- his death and "resurrection" made the faith possible, but the cross is a torure device. If they had dumped boiling oil down his throat to kill him, would we wear buckets of hot oil on our necklaces?!
Oh Well! Everybody eat peeps!!!!

To those of u who are writers----Is it normal for me to spend 5 hours editing ONE chapter?! I wanna know if I'm a freak.


sexypoet said...

great freakin shoes! OMG red velvet cupcake looks sinful.. and that thing-a-ma-bobby with the raspberries looks scrumptious. looks kinda like a scooterpie. hehe

woman you are the devil for posting that picture of the peeps.. i was going to avoid them this easter season because i eat them all and then hate myself for it after the fact.. now, i want nothing more then to jump in my damn car and go buy all the marshmello peeps they have.. thanks alot!! =)

Charlie said...

Yep, It's wrong to eat a shoe but since you have a gun.. go ahead, munch away...

I've labored over a single paragraph before. Sometimes I devide what I thought was a well crafted paragraph into smaller ones.

Pen Pen said...

Sexy- The Isaphan is basically a giant french macaroon in rose flavor with rasberries inside. Herme makes ones as large as cakes sometimes :)--and u shouldn't feel bad for eating peep! They're pure sugar, but the calories are pretty low by candy standards! Pop one in a hot chocolate!!!

Charlie- I don't feel AS freakish now, but editing ALL my chapters at this pace has started to feel like I'm trying to hike the Appalachain trail.....I'm overwhelmed

Awesome Sara said...

i'm coming over and stealing those shoes from you, they best be a size 6

Lady Glamis said...

Penny, AWESOME shoe! Love it and all the pictures you posted!

So guess what!? There's NEWS for you over on my blog. You won something, m'dear... but I need you to accept it! Comment on the winning post or send me an email. :D

And no, it's normal to spend that much time on a chapter. I've spent weeks on a chapter before. And months on a first chapter. Totally normal. Writing is hard. LOL.

GutsyWriter said...

Great collage of photos. Can you walk in those shoes? Of course you can. I spend way more than 5 hours on a chapter.

Magic Pants Jones said...

I love your sense of color....and as for editing...keep chopping away, and don't feel bad about it.

clorivak said...

ok...holy crap i want that cupcake, and those shoes are definitely how you say...sizzlin'?? hehe.

i write..however i give up for little periods due to stressing too much and drawing blanks, i have to relax and just let it flow...i guess there is a point where you are too judgmental and pick everything apart which can ruin the whole vibe.

alissa said...

mmm red velvet is my FAVORITE. those are all fun images - love the shoes.
thanks for commenting - i have seen that katy perry trailer and i freaking love it, i want to see the whole thing! shes kind of amazing.
great blog :)

Pen Pen said...

awesome sara-
I DO wear a six actually, but it was a 7 in Weitzman, so keep that in mind if u buy any of his shoes on-line one day! :)

Mika said...

Eating your shoe is not weird at all. You have to be close to your fav ones. Love your blog and hope to see you around. Mika (

EJ Griffin said...

Oh Pen- How I love your stream-of-consciousness, mind-bending entries. Yummy shoes. I may have to seriously rethink my flats-only policy ("at work," which became "in life" shortly there after).

As for time spent writing -- you've seen my blog. I am no judge of time! I say, do what it takes. But... maybe you need to step away from that chapter for a while & then come back to it with a fresh head (and a belly full of red shoes).

Jessica said...

Cute post and nice pic! :-)
I hear you on the cross thing, but I think it might be something for us to remember what he went through for us. But yeah, it was definitely a torture device.