Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Brennan: "Did we just become best friends?!" Dale:"Yep!" - 'Step Brother'

I got to see my friend Kaylynn today who was in town for Easter, and now I'm depressed she's gone again. Both me and Brittany got to hang out with her!
Here's some pics of us:

Kaylynn! (KayKay)
KayKay AND me!
KayKay and her boy toy, Kyle--too cute!
Brittany(Brit Brit)
pic that makes me want to sabotage Brit Brit's diet---Her looks are becoming a problem. :)
Me AND Brit Brit


Anonymous said...

I know the feeling my best friend lives at the other part of the country and when we visit eachother i always hate saying goodbye!

I posted a REALY COOL link to a fab video that will cheer you up!!!! ;)

DebraLSchubert said...

Great pics, beautiful girls, and cute Kyle. Looks like you had a great time.;-)

Lady Glamis said...

Cute pics!

Awesome Sara said...

hot bitches.

Kaylynn said...

I love you, Pen!! I always miss you!!

And to all you wonderfully nice people, thanks for all the compliments on the pics!! You guys are fabulous!!

Kay Kay

Pen Pen said...

Kay Kay!! Kisses!!!

drollgirl said...

cool pics!

Maria Killam said...

Those are some fun photos! Are they all real? So great.

Pen Pen said...

:) Maria-
All these photos were taken by us commoners except for the two of Brittany alone-She is a model and her photographers are certainly putting our paltry skills to shame these days...I think my pics are probably the best of the talentless hoard tho--I'm definitely leading the other unskilled lemmings off the cliff :)