Friday, March 6, 2009

Novel Party: Ghosts, Antiques, horror, and Sugar

So--My novel I hope will be published soon could- i guess- be classified as a "ghost story". SO- IF my book is ever published and I get to have a book party, I want cupcakes like THESE there!

by flicker user cookiejartx

...and THIS couch needs to be at the party too. I hate the whole "vampire-goth" look that people go over the top with, but if you take a light colored, classic room with a few burgundy accents and add this one couch - it would just be total luxe----in my opinion...
....and I hope David Sedaris comes!
--You can hear him read some of his shorts here.

Jas took me to hear him read in Houston for my birthday and he SIGNED my copy of 'Dress Your Family In Courduroy and Denim'!!
Here's what he wrote!!
...and YES I was CRAZY nervous! Jason had to introduce me cuz I was so tongue tied-I just kind of stood there in front of him about to throw up or black out...I did eventually say something, but it was like"....I listen to you read wile I'm at work....It's how I get through the day."
He probably thought I was psychotic.

...and of course Stephen King will be there cuz we'll pretty much be Besties by then!

"Well, HELLO Stephen!!"
"Would you like a ghost cupcake?!"
"Why yes I would! What a wonderful party! My son, 'Joe Hill' AND I have been anticipating this for weeks!"
"Oh - Stop!" :)


Amanda said...

I want to read your novel!

beth said...

*gets in line for a cupcake* Those look, of course, does your guest list ;)

Pen Pen said...

:) Thanks Amanda!! I jsut sent out my first "agent queries" to New York last week, but I already heard back from a great agent requesting a full manuscript(It can take up to a year sometimes to even hear back at all, so that's a CRAZY fast turn around!) I'll be editing my whole manuscript -hopefully- by Monday morning so I can get it to him! YAYY!!
If it gets picked up by a publisher, you'll definitely be one of the first with a free copy :)
I almost fainted when he requested more! ...I actually got a call asking me to send it Monday instead of him sending the written request-tho he said I will get that for formality's sake.
I'm SOO excited!!!

mădălina said...

Congrats on the novel:) I'll bake if you send me a copy lol.

And I did make profiteroles.. they were not as hard as you would think (but sure gave my forearm a workout!)
The pancakes were even easier.. I used a heart shaped cookie cutter, that I greased with oil, and I poured the batter inside. I used a butter knife to release the pancake, and then I flipped it:)

Thanks for visiting my site:)


EJ Griffin said...

I love David Sedaris! "Dress Your Family In Courduroy and Demin" is my fav or all his books.

PS: I love that you think I'm querky... I mean check out those cupcakes!

EJ Griffin said...

OH and I so want to read this novel. I am in awe that you have a complete product. Something which still eludes me!

Pen Pen said...

:) I didn't think I would either until some bad stuff happend in my life--the novel was sort of like a wish fulfillment with me explaining away reasons for what had happend and ultimately changing them.

..and ya know, I posted my "mini-synopsis" for like an hour one day, but I'm afraid to let it out before anything is in print since I've had writing stolen before and this is the LAST thing I'd want stolen...I dunno if I have any legal rights to the material unless it's in print...hmmm...

NoahO said...

Oh oh can I come please....I luv the cupcakes!!!
Oh and it would be cool if you could post your novel on this!!!
Ahhh....STEPHEN KING, pleas can I go??!?!?!?!

Pen Pen said...

If I get published and have a book party I'll send u an invite of course!! :) I dunno if they'd let u drink there since u are what-14?! :) ...then again u are Irish....right?! :)
Ya know, I had looked into posting my work on my blog(and I do have a short story of mine and a poem on here), but the agents I've spoken to have said that putting my work on here would make it easy for it to be taken and I would have no legal rights to it in court until it's been contracted and published--unless I wanted to pay for my own copyright-and if you do that and THEN it gets published, publishers arn't that happy. I dunno-- I wouldn't have a problem sending the piece to friends once it's under contract via e-mail tho :) If I get a book deal with my current novel, I'll get u a copy for sure :)

NoahO said...

Lol...i luv it when people think of Ireland they automatically think of drink!!!lol.
Oh yes i understand completely about the whole copyright thing...I hope it gets published soon. If im correct it a horror/thriller right?? Oh and have you thought of a title??

Pen Pen said...

...Is it an incorrect stereotype that Irish people drink...ALL the time?! I know people have assumptions about Texans and they're pretty much all true(except that we all like Bush and are as dense as him)-Really-In Houston, it's a big city-so the accents arn't as thick and we can't all own horses, but there are people with horses down the street from me, and I went to the Houston Rodeo last month. We don't all dress country-that's really outside of Houston--the dressing that way...but I wen to High School with lots of people who did. There was this guy in my chemistry class senior year who couldn't bend to sit in the desk-he had to like swoop in from the side all cuz his wrangler jeans were too tight, and his beltbuckle was in the way.
Anywho-Pretty much every American I know thinks that Irish people live in a perpetual college keg party :) ...and it's seen as a good thing. Texans drink a lot too- mostly Shiner Bock beer(from texas) and margaritas.
My book is a thriller/horror. I've had 3 literary request more chapters so far and that's pretty exciting. It was difficult for me to choose the "genre" cuz it stretchees thru horror/thriller/suspense/commerical fiction. I can e-mail u the short summary I put on query letters to agents if u want to see it. It's something I've never seen written before, and I'm very happy with the whole thing-It's just HELL editing an entire book-It's taking FOREVER!!! AH!!
I don't have a title yet, and the ones that I do like--other writers and the people who have been involved with the book don't like- I'll send u the summary/hook and u can throw me some ideas if u think of any :)

NoahO said...

lol....i guess its not an incorect statement after all. that I think it not alot of the "irish" sterotype is true. Sure we drink...but the whole bar dosn't blaze up in riot every five minutes. Oh and only 10% of us have red hair, it is extremely uncommon in my area, i only know one person with red hair. We dont all wear green and we dont start randomly irish down where I live the irish accent isnt as strong. But knowadays due to "Depression No.2" no one really drinks anymore. Everything is so boring lol. I havnt heard an of those assumptions made about texas. I didnt know people dreesed all country-like. I've never been to a rodeo, they look awesomley dangerous:)mmm....Bush.....he was (shudder). I love the southern accent. It is so adorable!!!!
Oh wow, it must be amazing for people to be taking an interest in your work. Oh wow id love to see the summary...if you feel comfortable email it to emai is on my profile. It sounds really cool. Ahh I hate editing two page must be dreadful to edit a whole book lol (is it long?) lol I'm terrible of thinking of original titles...but ill give it a shot.:D