Monday, March 2, 2009

The Jonas Brothers Hit a 3D Wall of Karma!

...a ha..ahaha..hahaHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAH!!!!!!!!

Well, as Chelsea Handler would say, "Those little chastity filled nuggets, the JONAS BROTHERS made a less then stellar preview at the box office this weekend with their new 3D movie, 'The Jonas Brothers:3D Concert Experience'!"

...maybe it was cuz of THESE shorts! BELOW THE KNEES BOYS!!! BELOW THE KNEES!!
Here's Nick, Joe, an un-suspecting, soon to be totally "over it" fan, and....what's the other one's name?!...No-I really don't know!.....I'll google it.......................Kevin!...He's the only one in long shorts! ----There's SOME hope for him!!!

Getting back to their movie that tanked......After being projected to make more than $30 million, the Jo Bro movie made a disappointing $12.5million and came in SECOND to 'Madea Goes To Jail', a movie by AND starring Tyler Perry featuring HIM as a pistol totting, hot tempered grandmother who spends the movie in jail thanks to a high speed chase(We LOVED 'Diary of a Mad Black Woman'-first of this series!-haven't seen the rest)

ANYWHO! Getting back to the news at hand--

The Jonas Brothers Movie was anticipated to make $30 million based on the 'Hannah Montana Movie' that made that amount while in only HALF as many theaters as the Jo Bros!

HANNAH-as many of you know, is played by Miley Cyrus and is the former scorned flame of NICK JONAS...

I'd also like to point out that Joe Jonas....
....broke up with Country sweetheart and mega star, Taylor Swift recently.
...Apparently, Joe called Ms. Swift and broke up with her in a record breaking 20 SECONDS! This is only surpassed by the legendary "post-it note breakup that Carrie Bradshaw endured on 'Sex and the City'!

.......So I ask you----
Was the fact that the Jo Bro Movie flopped the ECONOMY as they claim(Yeah! "YOU can't fire me!!! How will I pay for my Jo Bro ticket?!!!!......The Tyler Perry fans must not be as concerned about saving cuz THEY went!!)
OR, Is it because people are finally seeing the jo bros for what they are: Sorry, Whiny, Less-Talented versions of THESE Guys?!

I think it's time to welcome The Jonas Brothers to Karma's heavy fist and the unstoppable brick wall that all "boy bands" must succome to- PUBERTY!


Anonymous said...

Chipmunks?! Hilarious!!

Amanda said...

chastity filled nuggets is my new favorite term.