Friday, February 6, 2009


Zanotti for Balmain Spring 2009 sandals.

Red leather Dior Sandals-
I discovered these on ShoeLaLa with Katie (AMAZING shoe blog!!) today and saw that Jezebel had trashed the whole Dior Spring 2009 shoe line. ...and I have to say that I agree with Katie!

Here's my comment on her page:
I luuuv the whole…”bondage” look. Not cuz I’m into that lifestyle, but I think that if an accessory like this is combined with a simple outfit, it can come off as edgy and rocker-esque. It works the same way ballet inspired shoes with ribbon leg wraps do–by adding just a spoonful of what it references!

…and since when has fashion NOT referenced taboo subjects giving the pieces more meaning–like allusions in literature?!

Dior Sandals
Fringed Booties from Balmain
Anything that references ballet, I usually love.

These are from the Prada Spring 2009 collection. At the show, girls were falling because of the super high platforms and the cotton booties in them.

Here's videos of one of the models going down.

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Michael said...

that was hilarious!