Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Miami Vice: Ft. Jonas Brothers I was thinking about bad music today ...and my mind inevitably wandered towards The Jonas Brothers.
THIS-people - is the death of music AND Miami vice elbow scrunched suits!

As if their outfits weren't enough to make me vote them off the planet, their screeching-throat voices are second rate and even THESE guys rock that sound better!

I'll definetly be going to a Jo Bros concert one day tho--I'll want to get a shot of them when they've outgrown puberty AND the screaming brace-faced tweens ... U know what I mean...When they've realized that their fame was short, bleached of talent, and is now OVER -like THESE guys...


RachelC said...

ur such a biatch Pen!

Anonymous said...

haha! I'm cracking up!! I HATE them!