Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Lady GaGa

God must hate me. I've been sick all day-stuffy nose, ears, extremely tired and sick to my stomach. I slept all day and I'm awake now--It's like 1:35 AM!!
Jas had a cold this past weekend, but said it was just a "24 hour" cold. I seriously hope that's what I have and I'll be fine when I awake up tomorrow.
Until then....I've heard a lot about Lady GaGa-the girl that sings the "Just Dance" song and after looking at her videos, she feels manufactured to me. It's like Britney Spears without the amazing star quality and dancing. I rarely feel that an artist wears the fact that they've been MADE into a singer on their faces, but I feel like she has "fake!" on her forehead!

This is a video of her hit "Just Dance"....I've seen and heard this sound before! BLEH!


Anonymous said...

When I saw her "Poker Face" video, I seriously thought Lady GaGa was a dude. Really she does look like a tranny, don't ya think?

Pen Pen said...

Right! She's one of the first pop stars I wouldn't want to switch places with cuz I don't want to look tranny.
I think Chris Crocker looks way better than her!