Saturday, February 14, 2009


So I made TWO types of muffins for Valentine's Day!
Here's the blueberry with the crumbly top one's box. --- and a cute hamster as our Vanna White... :)
...and ready to go into the oven!

YYAAAAYYY!!! Blueberry Muffin Awesomeness!!
Here's the other muffins- They were Cinnamon Streusel (Say it with a German Accent!)
The pic is of me and Jason :)

AND...Here's Space Monkey with a cinnamon muffin......

Ground Control to Major Muffin-
Commencing Countdown-
Engines ON!


Anonymous said...

Urs look better than any I've made, and that monkey is really cute!

Anonymous said...

The last part made me crack up!

Dreamers Dream said...

these looks delicious!