Friday, February 27, 2009

Cupcake Adventures and the GIANT Psychedelic Mushrooms of the Apocalypse

I made these for Jason's school "Cupcake Buffet" - He's a music teacher--so I added the music notes to make them distinct!

These vanilla flavored cupcakes were more trouble than I expected...

I had wanted to do something interesting for a school Cupcake Buffet, and I was given the "rainbow" suggestion.
At first, I thought they were talking about 'confetti' cake mix--you know, the mix with the small colored balls of...something... in it?!
Anwyho- I thought that was lame, but the "RAINBOW" idea was great. I had seen a couple pics of some great looking rainbow cupcakes on Cupcakes Take The Cake, and I was interested.

You have to make vanilla mix and separate it into bowls for each color--then put each color in the cup .......bit. THIS takes precise measuring to be sure you don't put very much of each color or you will end up with TOO much batter, and cupcakes that look like .....

YEP- GIANT Psychedelic Mushrooms of the Apocalypse!
See THIS video for audio reference-

..............So- half a new batch later, I re-did the MONSTER cupcakes and replaced them with new and awesome ones that were not....enormous.....

THEN-I made some icing using a very old recipe.....which I will not give out - since it's a secret.
I then put the icing in piping bags with the smooth round piping tip and put the icing on in a swirled pattern like so...
NOW---I'm sure you've noticed the orange music notes---I made those by melting white chocolate and coloring it with gel dye(be sure to use gel dye for the cupcake coloring too---regular dye will make the dough runny and can stain ur hands and teeth-bleh!).
Anywho-- I funneled the melted orange chocolate(school's colors are green/orange) into clear plastic squeeze bottles and made tiny notes on parchment paper(AFTER making quite a few on a regular plate...I know-It was frustrating--but it was late :)

Here's the inside of some of the cupcakes
Fun! I made the "replacements" half gree/half orange to pay credit to the school colors as well, but I haven't gotten a pic of one of those cut up yet..... :)


RachelC said...

WOW!! These look professional Pen!

Anonymous said...

I'm trippin out!