Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Bake and Destroy!

These are pics from the Chicago bakery, 'Bake and Destroy'!

The founder's name is Natalie, and she's more punk rock than I could ever be bold enough to be. I love her insulting cupcakes, musical inspirations, and all around Kewl-ness!

Here's just a bit of her profile from her blog:

"My mom and my bosses at the bakery taught me a lot about the science of baking, but punk rock taught me to make it my own. I am constantly inspired by song titles, bands I love and the people in those bands who I consider my heroes. I hope, if nothing else, people who read Bake & Destroy find a way to make baking, cooking and creating their own as well. The world is your cupcake, dudes! So make it rad."

You can buy awesome Bake and Destroy goodies like this hoodie on Etsy.

I want one!


AMy said...

AHH! I LOVE her! SO Hardcore!

Anonymous said...

the "I hate you" cupcake made me laugh!
Her tats are very punk rock!
I'll have to check out her website!
Wish I was in Chicago!

Natalie = said...

I love the tag "mean cupcakes" ha ha. Thanks for the post, you're so sweet!