Saturday, February 28, 2009

AWESOME site for writers who need description cruthes!

These pics are from I Heart it.
It's basically like i-tunes for pictures, but there's no cost to view or take the pics.

Can't seem to put together full and perfect descriptions for your writing?! As I've said before, I always look to pics to help describe things in my writing-It's easier to not leave out visual factors when u have a photo in front of you!
This site is PERFECT to find your description crutches!!

Some pics from the site:

If you're not looking at this site, you SHOULD BE!


legally stylish said...

oooh. great photography. i lovelove it. i am at a loss for words just looking at them, thanks for sharing

RachelC said...

I LOVE the rose heels!!

Cup-a-cakes said...

Great pics! I love the running mascara!

lightning in a bottle said...

thanks for posting! i love it!