Thursday, January 29, 2009

What's a Christmas Gram?! I want one!!

No need for therapy when you have cupcakes!!

For $26, you can get this 'Holiday Jenny' Print. She has her work available on Etsy. It comes in various colors and I could really use one! You can see more of her work on Flicker.

Here's her entire description:

Actual print/lettering is much crisper than photo shows, due to glass.

Keep Calm And Have A Cupcake (vintage RED)

*original artwork and concept by Jenny & Aaron of Everyday is a Holiday
now available as a ready to frame matted print.


deltay said...

Aww, why thanks!

And ooh. wow. I just noticed the book on your bookshelf. Bottom left. It's... THE READER! I just blogged about it! haha wow. And I hadn't realized that there was such a cover as that one either! Trippy

lightning in a bottle said...

being such an anglophile, i love this!