Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Read It, Loved It, Passed on the Treasure

My very good friend, Joshua David Fraga's book, Neo-Vamp is available on! He's an amazing writer of fantasy/thriller/action fiction.
Here's a short description:
Vampires… For centuries people have told and written about these creatures of the night. Stories made to frighten us, and remind us why we are scared of the dark. But aren’t these stories, just stories after all? What if vampires came into existence only because we made them? I invite you to take a look into the most realistic take on vampires ever written. Nothing supernatural, mystic, or paranormal, just real and raw. Our tale revolves around the leader of the coven, Devlin Marques. As charismatic as he is deadly, it is quickly found out that vampires of his kind are nothing like the ones in books. He and his kind must find a way to live and thrive in the life that they chose. But what happens when a man makes a demon of himself, only to realize, deep down, he is still a man? As addicting as it is spellbinding, Neo-Vamp is an action-packed story filled with delicious twists and a jaw-dropping ending.

-his collection of short stories, Visions In Vertigo is also available!
You can click on the novel names I linked to above, or search his name on to get your copy!!


mehta said...

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Anonymous said...

I'll have to get a copy! He sounds like a great author. Thank GOD it's not a 'Twilight'y book