Friday, January 30, 2009

I feel today: Apprehension before Action makes one dormant

My journey backwards: Verbalizing thoughts on my time
It all seemed to collect- The tears and shame of what happened years before was suddenly present again. I wasn’t prepared, and the pain felt raw and exposed. I walked to the corner store barefoot then sat on the curb in front of an oil stain observing my blistered feet. I twisted to look into the store front window and didn’t recognize myself. I fit nowhere- Not in the tall buildings with their faded carpet-corporate America, not in the cold grass under the sun-Hippy Child, not in the shadowed house-Fearful Agoraphobic. I kept squeezing back the voices and thought of how when the night falls, there will be no angels there for me but just the silence of my own failures.

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Anonymous said...

Shakespeare is the best way to express things!
I liked this post.