Tuesday, January 20, 2009

The American Journey: Just a few photos to showcase our roller coaster history as Americans

America from Space!
American Flag
Iconic kiss at the end of WWII
Mexican Americans starting THEIR personal journey of immigration in America
New York after 9/11 - It reminds me of all the people who died(and continue to work) for me to say the very words I am typing. Many people around the world do not see America as a great place - I hope that one day they will also know the gift of being in a free country.
A Muslim American woman in a grocery store with her son.
Chinese Americans celebrate the Chinese New Year with a Dragon Dance!
Native Americans - Perhaps one of the lowest points in our American rollercoaster - This was the land they protected before this modern day United States, and I see their ideas of respect, acceptance, honor and love of the mother Earth as ideals we should all strive to protect.
American Indian Tribe map - As an American, I hope that we would not repeat the mistakes we made the first time around in regards to Native Americans - My heart weeps for our past.
Ellis Island, New York - A point of arrival for immigrants. Immigrants were closely judged for admission into the country here, and many people's dream of freedom was taken away due to disease or other problems.
Immigrants arrive in New York and are greeted by The Statue of Liberty.
Acceptance is perhaps the most important gift our country offers - The chance to be part of freedom!
Mexican Americans march for acceptance.
A man from Mexico risks everything to bring himself and a boy into America. I wonder sometimes why so many people sneak across--I would think that if the "legal" way to do it was reasonably possible, they would not risk so much to sneak into the country---I'd like to hear other people's opinions on that issue- It's something I think I will research.
The Vietnam Memorial - No matter why America is in a war, those who are there fight for their friends standing next to them and for a sense of duty that includes their dedication to each of us sitting at home right now-on our computer-blogging and speaking freely. I don't think war should even exist, but every soldier has given more than a "civilian" can ever imagine- They are the platform we stand on and the hands that hold us on the darkest of nights.
Here's the start of my slavery photos - Some slaves picking cotton. This is another dip in out rollercoaster - As a white American(well-a little American Indian and mostly French immigrant) - I'm ashamed of this past. I feel for the children of Nazi's - They probably feel the same inescapable shame I do for what has happend in the past--I can't ever erase it.
An African American slave is whipped.
A march for civil rights.
Rosa Parks stands as one of a few symbols of freedom in history.
Martin Luther King Jr. (1929-1968) addresses a large crowd at a civil rights march in
Washington, DC, 1963.
Dr. King on the national mall delivering his 'I Have A Dream' Speech - I loved seeing the speech by Obama at this location--AND the crowds that mirrored the civil right speech!
A candid photo of a future president.
Barack Hussein Obama (1936 − 24 November 1982) was a Kenyan senior governmental economist, and father of the current President of the United States, Barack Obama. He is a central subject in his son's memoir, Dreams from My Father. - per Wikipedia
Obama's Mother - Ann Dunham – An anthropologist from Wichita, Kansas.
In the immortal words of 'Seinfeld' - "Look to the cookie!" - He is describing the black and white cookies served in New York Delis in order to the illustrate that people of different races can co-exist and be AWESOME together!
Inaguration Day crowd -- Just astonighing! Wish I was there!
The president in a go-cart with his daughter(I believe that's Sasha).
The President speaking!

The Statue of Liberty graces the sunset!!

...Me and Jasmine Macaroon-In her America Ribbons!!

Good Luck and lots of LOVE to our new PRESIDENT Obama and his family!!!!

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I see what you're saying. However one question. Why do we have to be ***Americans or *****Americans? Why just can't we be Americans?