Monday, October 20, 2008

Smells Like A Classy Teen I read today that the daughter of Rock God, and 'Nirvana' front man, Kurt Cobain- Francis Bean Cobain recently had a suicide themed 16th birthday.

Many of you may remember that Kurt was married to Courtney Love shortly before he committed suicide in 1994...well--who wouldn't, right?!
The party took place at 'The House of Blues', and cost $323,000, which her mom(Courtney) put up. She and her friends played games that included a "who can look most dead" contest.Francis herself wore a dress that her father wore to a performance at Reading Festival.
In her invitations, Francis wrote, "Your bags will be searched when you come in, not my rules, but the House of Blues, so don't be stupid and try to bring s*** in, do it before you come."

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